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If life is a battlefield where certain is death
Then dying a hero may be the only option left.

My tiny light has no might in the bright, bright day
But at night, my tiny light can chase the darkness away

Inspiration motivates now and then
Determination inspires again and again

Kalatit Baker


  About Kalatit

Composer Kalatit Baker sees this music as spiritual revelation: "Franz Liszt described the piano as 'the 88-note orchestra.' Now under the hands of Sri Chinmoy the piano has become 'the 88-note window of the Beyond.' Like water in a channel from a great ocean, notes cascade, race and flow with unlimited power, beauty and life energy. They are perfect in their revelation of experience beyond earth-experience and beyond the life we know."

1978 to 1980
Apprentice, Manhattan School of Music Piano Maintenance Department. Responsible for all aspects of service and rebuilding of 200-plus Steinway pianos at this prestigious conservatory.

1980 to 1983
Head of keyboard maintenance, Carroll Music Instrument Rental Service. In charge of preparation of keyboard instruments for this premier renter to Manhattan concert halls.

1983 to 1995
Independent piano tuner and technician to recording industry and New York concert stages. Maintained top 15 midtown Manhattan recording studios as regular clients, working on hundreds of recording sessions for the world's top artists.

1995 to 2002
Formed Beyond Time Music, providing restoration of vintage Steinway pianos to the trade.

2002 to present
Age of Elegance Pianos—Complete piano sales and expert service to the public and trade.


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