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A Condition Sublime

While around you all may be dropping
Life shows no signs of stopping

Surely a condition sublime:
To have more inspiration than time

The brain must be full to avoid collapse
But the heart can be empty and joyfully last

Kalatit Baker


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"The Music of the Zodiac" is a wonderful piece of music. Each sign has its own atmosphere, its own mood and expression, yet there is an underlying theme uniting all 12 movements. In the words of the composer: "I had another goal; that the work taken as a whole have a larger shape; that it reflect my belief that the Zodiacal year is a metaphor for the spiritual journey; the progression of the individual...read more >>
Composer Kalatit Baker sees this music as spiritual revelation: "Franz Liszt described the piano as 'the 88-note orchestra.' Now under the hands of Sri Chinmoy the piano has become 'the 88-note window of the Beyond.' Like water in a channel from a great ocean, notes cascade, race and flow with unlimited power, beauty and life energy. They are perfect in their revelation of experience beyond earth-experience and beyond ... read more >>

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